Welcome to Webliad, a fanmade spin-off sequel thingy of Snailiad!


  • Arrow keys - Move & climb
  • Down arrow - Crouch
  • Z - Jump
  • X - Shoot
  • C - Aim
  • Space - Inventory
  • V - Potions
  • S - Spells
  • A/D - Swap spells
  • W - Swap weapon
  • R - Play recorded tunes


    The game takes place after the events of Snailiad, after which, the sun snail retires. With no sun to light their way, the snails begin to flee snailtown in search of a new world with sunlight. Now in this new world, the snails begin to disapear again and it's up to you to find them.

    The game is a metroidvania just like the original but with mmorpg elements such as leveling, equipment and raredrops!

    Here's a link to the ost: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWlk5XNkYQIEcc0GVssROGvAXPhaDLQWI

    Official snailiad discord server link: https://discord.gg/pCYNfmDCZQ

    StatusIn development
    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    (4 total ratings)
    AuthorsNSjaime, MinIon
    Made withAseprite, Construct
    TagsExploration, Fangame, Metroidvania, MMORPG, Multiplayer, online, Pixel Art, Retro, snailiad, webload
    Average sessionAbout a half-hour
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse
    MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

    Development log


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    how do you save your game? I was playing and lost all my progress because the game glitched to a black screen and when I refreshed the page it started me over. I would like to be able to save my progress.

    It should save automatically each time you make any progress, I have no idea why you lost your save data.

    Sorry you had to lose your progress :(


    Can you add me on discord NSJaime 

    my discord is :


    I just would like to ask a few questions. I had you on discord a while ago. I ran into you when you were bug testing.

    Best wishes,


    Man, I originally was tracking down a hard copy of "The Angriest Comment Thread on Youtube" so I could make an anime fiight scene retelling of the events. But instead I ended up finding an amazing game. Good Job! Your doing great!

    Pffff, defenitely wasn't expecting this. Glad you liked our game, thanks for the kind feedback <3

    Oi! Esse jogo é muito massa, vc tem um email pra contato?

    Thank you! No, I do not have a business email, you can hit me up on discord tho, my tag is NSJ#6431

    Friend request sent :D 

    This is really fun, the artwork especially is stunning! Though, are there no settings for controls? It is very difficult to play strictly with arrow-keys...

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    Controller support and even full keymapping are on Jaime's to-do list, but that probably won't be until much later down the line, unfortunately. Thanks for the feedback either way though, glad you liked it, and hope you look forward to 0.1.3 coming out tomorrow

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    That is good to know that it is planned! I struggle with arrow keys and will wait until then to play. I hope that more accessible controls will come soon.

    I really loved Snailiad! Well done with this tribute, and I hope to see more. Some thoughts: After I beat Blobzooka and hit H to return home, my helmet and shell upgrades were gone. My level, and the attributes I'd leveled up were still there, and yellow shell count was too, but my items were all gone. Secondly, in the shop it would be nice if you identified the item's properties BEFORE having to buy them. I somehow early on found a slime-helmet that was better than either helmet in the shop but I had to buy them to find that out. @_@ A description of what the things in the shop do would be so helpful. Same thing with the item screen (space). I could guess what the attributes were (attack, health, magic, etc.) but the slots for helmet, shell, shield? (there are two slots) and potion? could use descriptions. Also, why the trashcan? With that many blue slots below for items, why would I want to throw something away? I'd much rather be able to sell it to the shop owner. Overall I love this tribute to Snailiad! Implement these suggestions and a map and it can be amazing! Also, "Nvm you found it +_+" after the totally not hidden secret, LOL! :)

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    Thanks for the kind feedback, I really apreciate it!
    Now I'd like to address some points for the sake of clarity:
    -Sorry you had to experience inventary loss, I'm actively looking for a solution to this problem and other saving issues that have been reported.
    -Selling items is already made on the dev build and coming next update :D.
    -For more information about item info you can check out the snailpedia pdf on downloads, an ingame version will be added in future updates.

    Thank you for playing the webliad beta, stay tuned for upcoming releases! <3

    Awesome game!  I can't wait for more.  Is it possible to get the extra heart in New Snail Town yet?  Is there a map?

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    Yes, it is posible, although it's a bit hard. No, there is currently no map, there will be one in the future tho. Thanks for playing our game :)

    Agreeing with the other guy, this is some really cool project!

    This is really awesome!

    I don't see why Auriplane would not endorse or even contribute. It has honored the original concept and added a new tech stack....coding part is in place. Story, level design and *whatever* is all that is needed. Really great stuff!

    This is the best "fan" made game I have played in a long, long time, and you have added so much potential to the adventure but kept it so close to the original.

    Frustrated that I cannot find the key because I think there is one. Also puzzled about the barrier with the heart potion and creature behind a barrier.

    This game should get a lot of traction and I am surprised it does not have a lot more comments.   

    I would advise you to contact Auriplane, I think they would be both flattered and helpful in many ways!

    Thanks for developing!


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    Creature behind the barrier here. That room was a joke room that was also meant to tease the addition of usable items, but the new 0.1.1 update has added said potion and allowed you to access it. Only downside is that I'm not there anymore, I've been replaced by an actual snail now

    Peace of mind is priceless :)  Thanks for the update, previous minion behind the barrier !