Beta 1.3 for you, for me and for you grandma!

-Additions & mechanics:

*Overhaul to inventory system, loosing data should be way harder
*Chest to store your items
*Rearranged shop
*Expanded and rearranged new snail town
*New weapon!
*Changed a bit the first part of the game (it basically makes understanding everything easier)
*Chest upgrades shop item
*Remade all the upgrade systems from scratch, comes with a new fancy menu and cool stuff :D!
*Bleep flute
*Bleep memorins
*Removed all decimals from combat and health
*Redesigned "snowball canon", now it works like the peashooter from Snailiad
*Travel birds
*Max mana badge
*6 new Community items and community shop that refreshes each day
*In-game snailpedia (press P to open)
*You can now disable the HUD by pressing F2. yes, that includes the inventory, be careful

-Game balances

*Health upgrades now only give +25 maxHP instead of 50
*Leveling up now only adds 10% attack instead of 25%
*Magic damadge now scales with magic perks instead of raw level
*Now crouching gives you +1 raw defense along with the Block multiplier
*Lucky hits now have 2% chance instead of 1%
*Base max HP reduced from 100 to 50, no more tanking the first boss at lvl 0 for you
*Balanced enemies to the new scaling
*Most stats have been multiplied by 10 for easier reading
*Sanries are now inmune to melee damage
*Green Healing weeds now heal less
*Buffed snek pal badge from 1% to 2% dodge chance
*Bleep's last desires now gives 5% honey drop

-Small improvements:

*Adjusted mks theme's volume
*Added voices to some npcs
*Reminder of how to open inventory on item get
*Pop up letter when hovering something interactable
*Reopened the path to a secret room and made some changes
*Flash effect when not enough money to buy something
*Pop up when changing to full pixel mode and viceversa
*Hud icon for usables
*Changed level text, now it's fancy
*Improved weapon and spell sprites
*New NPC dialogues and improved some of the existing ones
*Added pink weeds at the end of infested caves
*New inventory items are now highlighted
*New pop up when upgrade points available
*Removed low pass filter from submerged carelia
*Improved combat text animations
*Joloto and crystal pixie now don't get behind tilesets
*Darkness effect for caves (RTX on baby)
*New ice spell icon
*Low health indicator (don't worry, it doesn't make a zelda style sound)
*Remade the loader
*New bridge for snow zone
*New cloud variations
*Made the pillars in snowball canon room solid
*Changed the look of the ruins decoration
*Glow effect for Fire spell & crystal barrier (only on dark areas)
*Boss bar background
*Updated combat fonts, also crits now play normal hit sound along with the crit sfx
*Blue meth
*Connectivity icon fades out if not updated
*Darkness in deep carelia
*Rearranged some annoying birds

-Bugs fixed:

*Googly eyes now actually gives you max hp, forgot to test them last update oops
*Now resetting your progress resets your spawn location
*Cave remix now plays in last room before crystal magic instead of the normal mix
*Joloto does no longer get stuck on map borders
*Now you don't get stuck on infested caves (yay)


Webliad Play in browser
May 21, 2023
Webliad desktop 532 MB
May 21, 2023


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