Beta 1.2 is here my dudes (0.1.2)!

Woah, this update took way longer than expected, even though some ideas got left out the patch, it is full packed with both content and major improvements.
Here's the full changelog of all changes:

-Additions & mechanics:

*First portion of MKS (Mala krystal sands)
*4 new enemies and their respective raredrops
*New hud stats icons
*New weed sprites
*Sand geysers
*Quick sand
*Mana potion
*Third shop equipment set (they boost your stats while underwater)
*Selling items (right click while in shop)
*Added controler support (not functional on menus yet)
*Expanded snail town (just map, no new npcs)
*Crystal pixies
*New spell (works online!!)

-Small improvements:

*Added reset progress confirmation
*Potion seller theme now loops perfectly
*Combat calculations now display only 2 decimals
*Fast transitions implemented, no more mario sunshine shenanigans
*Slime equipment now has 2% each piece
*Stats adjustments for slime set, 2nd shop set and melting personality
*Prices adjustments for shop sets and pegasus badge
*Dialogue for potion seller
*Small appear animation for nom nom effect
*Small HUD bounce when eating weeds
*Weeds now only have 5 hits instead of 8
*Turtle npc in bell room and minor changes to it's layout
*Joel hat is back and with a new design (gl finding it)
*Added version limits to online play (you can only play with those who have the same version of the game)
*Cloud sprites are now randomized
*Updated bush sprite
*Coins now attract to snaily when close to them
*New zone pop-up has been slightly changed
*Player snail now fully rotates instead of snapping into an angle (might look a bit wrong if game lags)
*Fixed and improved dialogue sfx, now it can use multiple sounds
*Eating weed now always works as expected
*Adjusted potion prices and effects
*Reduced saving time, you should now experience less data loss.

-Bugs fixed:

*Fixed max mana from spell books not adding properly
*Jumping while teleporting resets your gravity
*Black screen crash while transitioning
*Now bellong only has 1 L, thanks horry >:)
*Now chat doesn't tilt
*Hats should now send to other players properly
*Xp sound now doesn't sound twice when killing a spikey
*Corner climbing has been fixed (except in certain scenarios), sorry, I know it was extremely fun
*Music versions not changing when transitioning too fast


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Mar 26, 2023
Webliad 0.1.2 158 MB
Mar 26, 2023
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Mar 26, 2023
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Mar 26, 2023

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