Beta 1.4 Is here and it took way to long ;w;

Yooooo, glad to be back. I've been cooking this update for so long my house bursted into flames from the heavy stare of minervo. I'll probably slow down after this one because I genuinely need a break from this game and concentrate in my life.

Anyways here the changelog that like 1% of you will read:

-Additions & mechanics:

*Reimplemented upgrade reset
*Joloto behaviour overhaul
*Removed town teleport
*Seablobs can now cast bubble shields on other enemies
*Prismatic stars
*Expanded and reworked carelia and MKS (mostly Carelia lol)
*Enhanced the visuals of some zones
*Reworked sanry's behaviour, it does no longer push you passively
*Added a few secret rooms :)
*New spell
*Passive Bonus for many items
-Melting personality 
-Solid poison 
-Pulpo baby 
-Seablob's head
-Salesman glasses 
-Titano shell 

-Game balances

*Bleep now gives twice as much exp (20)
*Nerfed "the grindstone" room
*Chitinous critter now costs 250 instead of 150
*Increased early game raredrop's chances
*Mana steal is active from the moment you get a spell, now the upgrade just reduces the hits needed to steal mana from 16 to 8
*Reduced the cost of most level upgrades that used to cost 2 points
*Made many enemies less tanky (Blob-> 30HP, Spikey -> 50hp, Chirpy -> 40hp, Snakey -> 80hp, joloto -> 100hp)
*Buffed snoball canon attack (30% base damage -> 40% base damage)
*Increased invul time (0.55s->0.7s)
*Changed many item stats
*Increased def gained from crystal barrier to 40
*Changed the sell price of many items

-Small improvements:

*New hp upgrade hidden in a secret location
*Visual indicator for some secret locations
*Implemented more symbols to the snailpedia spritefont, now the + & ' actually display lol. Also fixed a bit the spacing
*Refresh timer now displays an extra 0 in one unit numbers
*Activation method of an unfound secret has been changed
*Now snailpedia section saves between rooms
*Glow effect for underground mana weeds
*Npc that hints at the location of the town key
*New potion seller
*Updated stats font and no mana icon
*Made platforms undersand more visible
*New stored mana metter
*Improved snakey's behaviour and added visual indicators when charging a dash
*Improved the VFX of some objects for better performance
*NEW HUd icons for weapon/spell/usable and bounce animations when changing them
*Improved coins VFX
*New lvl-up UI
*Snailtown branches are now unsolid
*Reworked underwater segments to work with the darkness system
*Now some enemies only activate when entering the screen, specificaly blobs, seablobs and pulpins
*New upgrade reminder icon
*Removed Hud disable option (it was pretty bugged and it was only meant for making clips)
*Updated experience hud
*You can now cancel the inventory animations (you can close it while it's opening and viceversa)
*Now the melody creator works with tempo instead of seconds
*Secret melodies now require specific tempos 
*Now hp upgrades fully heal you when picked up
*Now you can only buy 1 town key

-Bugs fixed:

*Now Crystal pixy Snailpedia entry gets added properly
*Fixed some snailpedia grammar mistakes
*Fixed Bleep's last desires honey bonus not activating unless you had honey touch
*Now ice spell gets destroyed after leaving the map, bye bye lag farms
*Fixed some floatspikes dealing 15 dmg instead of 150
*Fixed snailpedia randomly adding slime shell entry
*No, joloto does not drop "googly eyes" that was a typo
*Fixed titano set not increasing your stats
*Fixed snakey not dashing if there was more than 1 looking at you
*Fixed coin sounds stacking
*Improved lag spike in bleeb's sanctuary
*Fixed spikeys flying when entering a room
*Now titano shell displays correctly online

-Name changes

*Bleep -> Bleeb
*Googly eyes -> eye of the storm
*Leather bandage -> bandage
*Titano frame -> Titano shell
*Grown man -> Seablob's head
*Pulpo baby -> Pulpo
*Coral blessing -> coral reef


*Access to a hidden chamber?


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Sep 24, 2023
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Sep 24, 2023


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Amazing update, but again, you owe me 55 dollars in chocolate bars.

That only looks like 54.  Amazing update :)