Beta 1.1 is here! (0.1.1)

Webliad 0.1.1 is here! A bit late for a first day patch, but there's a lot of additions and small improvements that I felt were necesary.
Here's the changelog:

-Fixed bugs:

*Cludels squishing when they should not
*Small jumps make you phase through cludels
*Fixed max name characters not matching name label width

-Small thingies:

*Mana weed in blobzooka spawn
*Not enough mana pop up if trying to cast a spell without enough mana
*Added reminder to change username
*Fixed boss room bridge position
*Improved Minervo's credits sprite (and changed his description)
*Idle for my in-game avatar
*Nerfed Ice spell, now it only casts 4 crystals
*Made S.Blobzooka harder, don't jump at me, it's a joke boss till raids are made.
*Fixed teleporting sound glitch (I think)
*Improved blobzooka's arena
*Increased honey touch props from 1% to 2% (since u need 2 for it to be actually useful lol)
*Joel hat is now unobtainable :)


*Username now auto saves between plays
*Now you get mana for each spell book (+1 mana per spell)
*Now you can chat with other snails in-game! (use enter to open chat)
*You now appear in the last checkpoint you left your game in
*Now inventory items show info about them when hovering your mouse
*Added inventory usables (press V)
*Red potion usable
*New weapon (not obtainable yet)
*Swapping weapons and weapons UI
*New potion seller
*New potion seller theme (Not loopable atm)
*Desktop builds for mac, linux and windows. Hopefully they work


Snailiadnt 0.1.1 155 MB
Jan 08, 2023
Snailiadnt 0.1.1 175 MB
Jan 08, 2023
Snailiadnt 0.1.1 168 MB
Jan 08, 2023
Snailiadnt Play in browser
Jan 08, 2023


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Uhhhh something strange is going on with the Ice Spell? It gave me 2 mana while I was playing yesterday, I went there again today to test it again and it once again gave me two, but when I was going to screenshot it I accidentally closed the game, opened it back up, and it was brought back down to 1 mana per both spells like it should be???
Like the mana count was 3 before I closed the game, and then became 2 after I reopened it

noted, Imma try fixing it for next update