Public beta (0.1) + Q&A!

Aaah, finally this game is public, it has been over five months since I started developping this fangame and now, it's a reality. The game is online, people can play it and I can finally rest in peace.
Hope you guys enjoy this weird mix of genres and ideas.

I'd like to address some posible questions that might come up after playing the game:

-Will the game be updated in the future?
*YES, I want to add so many things that didn't get into the public beta and also improve what's already there.

-Will the game be on other platforms or steam?
* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I'll have to talk to the og dev (Auriplane) for that, but probably not.

-Will the game cost money when it's finished?
*NO, Snailiad is not my Ip, this is just a fangame, charging money for something that is not yours is mean and illegal (unless auriplane gave me permission lol).

-Will you add account system / online progress saving?

*No, I don't think so. I can't afford a firebase at the moment. This also aplies to the online services: in the future I might have to close them due to the cost of having a server (currently im using a free plan).

-I've finished all the major content, what now?
*Idk, the amount of content the game has depends on you. Aside from the collectables and bosses, each enemy can drop unique items, some with special effects so I guess you can go get those, for more information check the in-game Snailpedia (press P)

-Will the music be released on any platform?

*YEES, here is the youtube link. I plan on releasing it in spotify but it's better to wait until the ost is fully completed.

-Where can I report bugs / suggest stuff?

*You can contact me via discord (nsjaime) or post it on the coment section, I make sure to read every single coment :>

-The music lags and works weird what do I do?


-My game crashed/ I lost all my inventory :(
*Cope 2, electric bogaloo. I'm actually trying to solve this bugs, but they are pretty hard to fix I ask you for patience

And that's all I could think of at the moment, I'll update the post if I see people have more questions that are not listed here.

Hope you have a great day and happy snailling!


Snailiadnt 0.1 Play in browser
Dec 28, 2022


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